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Suzanne is so wise, y’all. Don’t sleep on her wisdom

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"After a job, there should be a moment of reflection, but it’s easy to go beyond that moment and start living in the past. There are a lot of actors out there who haven’t worked in a year, but still talk about their last job as if it was yesterday."


"After a job, there should be a moment of reflection, but it’s easy to go beyond that moment and start living in the past. There are a lot of actors out there who haven’t worked in a year, but still talk about their last job as if it was yesterday."

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A dog. It seemed like a perfectly sensible idea. Man is a dog’s best friend, remember. So: the dog and I looked at each other. I longer than the dog. And what I saw then has been the same ever since. Whenever the dog and I see each other we both stop where we are. We regard each other with a mixture of sadness and suspicion, and then we feign indifference. We walk past each other safety; we have an understanding. It’s very sad, but you’ll have to admit that it is an understanding. We had made many attempts at contact, and we had failed. The dog has returned to garbage, and I to solitary but free passage. I have not retuned. I mean to say, I have gained solitary free passage, if that much further loss can be said to be gain. I learned that neither kindness nor cruelty by themselves, independent of each other, creates any effect beyond themselves; and I have learned that the two combined, together, at the same time, are the teaching emotion. And what is gained is loss. And what has been the result: the dog and I have attained a compromise; more of a bargain really. We neither love nor hurt because we do not try to reach each other. And, was trying to feed the dog an act of love? And, perhaps, was the dog’s attempt to bite me not an act of love? If we can so misunderstand, well then, why have we invented the word love in the first place.

- Jerry

The Zoo Story - by Edward Albee

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I am now an Assistant Manager. Therefore, I can leave. I can leave now. I can leave. 

I have gained skills. I should be done. ‘

Wall Street men and women are some of the most horrible people I’ve ever encountered. Serving them makes me hate too many people, people who don’t deserve hate. 

I’m making comics about them #selftherapy

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The way Scully sits on a bed.

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You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.  Darren Hardy (The Compound Effect)

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New York City is hard. For real. More like, the first year out of college is fucking hard. For real. 

I’ve never been more broke in my life. I don’t do the things i want to do like sew and act because I’m still trying to find my footing. Along with trying to find a new job. Which I will find. 

I have my BB. And my apartment and my equally broke-ish/scared/scrambling friends around. this is what it;s supposed to be like. At least for a few of us. And those of us who don’t struggle. Well. I feel like they aren’t real people. 

I swear to god, I wish it were required that everyone had to work in the service industry for at least 6 months of their lives. The world would be a much better place. 

I feel like something new is in sight. I finally have the gumption to do. I let fear rule me much too often and I promised myself when I was 15 that I wouldn’t do that. So I’m not going to anymore. Or I will try not to do that anymore. 

I miss acting. More than I miss comfortability. More than I miss most anything.

I am beyond disappointed in my alma mater’s decision making this year in terms of the way the theatre department is being run. It’s disgusting and not at all what the women of the college expected or supported. I’m thoroughly repulsed. I want to scream. I feel like I tried to make sure the department wasn’t going to go commercial. I worked my ass off as REP last year to make sure that it didn’t happen and it’s sad that they never took the students words and concerns into consideration. All they are trying to do is turn a profit and they are doing in the worst way possible. They aren’t going to produce working graduates if they don’t support their needs. UGH. SO fucking disappointed.  

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The Secret Garden, 1993, dir. Agnieszka Holland
If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.’

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A tough Wyoming cowboy who just happens to like blouses

Sissy Goodwin isn’t gay; he’s been married for 45 years and has two adult children. As a young man, he was a rodeo cowboy who rode bulls bareback, a free spirit who never shied away from a fistfight. The former aircraft mechanic loves to drink beer, play golf, throw steaks on the grill.

What sets him apart, he says, is what he calls gender independence: He just likes to do most things in a dress.

A resilient guy living it out in Wyoming, a state he refers to as “the Mississippi of the West” for its disposition toward him, Goodwin has been beaten, arrested and glared at for years - but he continues his defiant dressing habits to this day.

Read more from reporter John M. Glionna in a Column One feature.

Photos: Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times

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